RSVP Bridge Club

Online Bridge Tournaments for Charity

We began in 2018 as an ACBL-sanctioned bridge club meeting in Gainesville, Virginia. However, for the duration of the pandemic, we will be running online bridge tournaments to benefit a variety of charities. These games do NOT award ACBL masterpoints.

Our games are played online using RSVP Bridge (see some videos on our YouTube channel) to play the game, and Discord to provide integrated per-table audio chat.

We are the home club for the RSVP Bridge web application, used to play online, keep score and to manage reservations via our smart phones and tablets.

Online Tournament Schedule

Summer 2020 --- Charity Tournament to benefit the Parkinson's Foundation

Games are on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6:30; additional time slots may be added.

Entry fee is $6/person, of which $2 will be donated to the Parkinson's Foundation at the end of the tournament.

In addition, each player will accumulate points over the course of the tournament. Winners will be announced for most points, most times played, and highest average points.

RSVP Points

Our online tournaments award RSVP points to every player that participates. Points accumulate over the life of the tournament. Each tournament accumulates points separately, and winners will be announced for most points, most times played, and highest average points.

Points Forumla:

For two-winner movements, points are computed separately for each section (N/S and E/W).

Points are computed as follows:

  • Pairs Bested = number of pairs you beat + (number of pairs you tied / 2)
  • Point factor = 100 * (pairs bested + 1) / (number of pairs)
  • Points earned = (pairs bested * point factor) + 100
RSVP Points graph

Need a partner?

Need a partner? Please contact our club manager, Brenda Egeland ( at least 24 hours in advance.


To join our club, or for more information, please contact our club manager, Brenda Egeland, at